CAREER Opportunities

Welcome to the Shelby County Alabama Law Enforcement Personnel Board Job Opportunities Page.

To apply online, go to Career Pages for NeoGov: and follow the prompts.

Benefits for All Employee Classifications

Fringe Benefits for all positions include group medical insurance, pension plan, paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave, educational and fitness incentives.

The SCLEPB invites qualified applicants to apply online for positions within the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Exams are given monthly for Deputy Sheriff and Jail Deputy and Administration/Clerical/Support Services as needed.

Online applications are accepted until 4:00 p.m. CT on the Wednesday prior to an exam date for the month. The number of applicants will determine the number of days exams are held during an exam month. A position posting does not always signify that a vacancy exists.

Deputy Sheriff or Jail Deputy applicants may not test for the same position again until the same quarter or a later quarter in the following year after they last tested. Applicants who pass an exam may remain on the eligibility list for that position for up to one year unless otherwise disqualified. Admin/Clerical/Support Services applicants may apply to retest for the position each time a new exam is held and may stay on the eligibility list until the results of the next test are certified by the LEPB.

In order to process applications of those who pass an examination, applicants will complete the following two documents at the time of testing:

  1. An Applicant Statement and Authorization to Release Information form, will be completed in front of the Notary Public at the test site, who witnesses your signature and attaches his/her notary seal to it at the time of testing.
  2. Background Investigation Authorization form, which requires a list of your past seven years of residences. Be prepared to list your previous addresses prior to the exam.

A Notary Public will be on hand at the exams to notarize the Applicant Statement and Authorization to Release Information. These two forms must be completed for each separate date that you test. Taking two exams in one day requires only one of each form to be submitted.

Applicants with Disabilities may complete a Reasonable Accommodation Request For Examination form, which must be received by the Board before a deadline in order for the request to be considered for the next exam. This form is available on the website and in the LEPB office and may be mailed to the LEPB’s Post Office Box or hand-delivered to the LEPB office.

Before completing your online Application, it is very important that you read the following to ensure that you complete the Application according to our requirements and to prevent your application from being disqualified because it is incomplete.

  1. Your application is our first impression of you as a candidate for employment. It is important to check for misspelled words and typographical errors prior to submitting your application.
  2. Résumés may be attached in addition to, but not in place of, any portion of the application. When completing your work history, DO NOT use “See Résumé” as your response. Only the information you provide under WORK EXPERIENCE will be considered in determining if you meet the minimum experience requirements.
  3. High School Diplomas, High School Transcripts, or G.E.D. certificates/test scores may be attached to the application before submitting. You must be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D. in order to test.
  4. If applicable to you, college degrees or transcripts, pertinent training certificates, military paperwork, credentials, awards, and/or letters of recommendation and commendation may be attached to the application before submitting.
  5. Please read all questions carefully, answer honestly and provide correct information, dates, etc. Background and reference check findings that are contradictory to the information provided on the application will result disqualification or the retraction of any and all job offers.
  6. Please complete your application in “Sentence Case” capitalizing where necessary and not all “UPPER” or “lower” case.
  7. Be thorough. Your application is the primary tool used to evaluate your job qualifications. You must complete all sections of the online application, including education and work experience.
  8. Creating new accounts to apply for a position multiple times will not advance your status and will cause a delay in your progression through the review process. Multiple accounts will be merged when possible and only the most recent account and application will be considered.
  9. Applicants should ensure that completed applications are submitted online prior to the published closing date. Applications will not be accepted after the published closing date.
  10. It is critical that you provide complete information. The information you provide in the application will be used to determine whether you meet minimum education and experience requirements. Additional proof may be requested. Applications may be rejected if sections are omitted or are incomplete.
  11. Begin your work history with your current place of employment and work backwards. Include all places of paid employment.
  12. List any periods of unemployment and the reason.
  13. Be sure to complete all five (5) sections of the application. They include:
    1. Job Application
    2. Agency-Wide Questions
    3. Supplemental Questions
    4. Confirm Application
    5. Certify and Submit

An Application is final and cannot be changed or updated once it has been certified and submitted. Be sure to review your answers prior to submitting your application to be sure your information is correct. Information that is found to be incorrect or false whether intentional or by omission will lead to disqualification of your application, retraction of an offer of employment and/or termination from employment.

Unless otherwise denoted, current postings are open for receipt of applications from the general public and current Shelby County Sheriff’s Office employees. You can now apply online by clicking on the Position Title in which you are interested and clicking on the “Apply” link! If this is the first time you are applying using our online job application, you will need to create an account and select a User Name and Password. After your account is established, you can build an online application by clicking on the “Build Job Application” link. The online application can be used to apply for more than one job posting. You can use your saved online application to apply for future job postings or to update your existing information as long as you remember your User Name and Password. The SCLEPB cannot access User Names or Passwords, so if you forget either of these you will need to create a new account and complete a new application to apply for future jobs or update your information.

Online applications are stored on a secure site. Only authorized employees and hiring authorities have access to the information submitted.

Vacancies are filled from a list of eligible applicants who have applied and successfully tested for a specific position. Upon receipt of an authorized requisition from an appointing authority, the Law Enforcement Personnel Board refers a list of qualified applicants from the appropriate eligibility register. Unless otherwise disqualified, applications are maintained for two years from the date of application. The Sheriff’s Office conducts background investigations and reference checks and will contact eligible applicants chosen to go forward in the process. Successful applicants will complete interviews, a personality inventory, polygraph, drug screen, and doctor’s physical. Deputy and C. O. applicants must also pass the appropriate part(s) of the Physical Agility/Ability Course, available on the website and in the LEPB office; Clerical applicants must also pass a 35-wpm keyboarding skills test.

The Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board will no longer accept paper applications for employment or promotional opportunities.

The Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected status.

Thank you for your interest in employment with us.

Employment Information Documents

Below is a listing of the Employment Information documents available including Job Descriptions, Job Requirements and Physical Agility / Ability course.

Click the Document Name link to download in a printable Adobe PDF format.



Applicant Statement Authorization to Release Info

(Must be notarized.)

03-14-2018Background Investigation Authorization


Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

(An applicant may use this form to notify the SCLEPB of their request for “reasonable accommodations” for applicants with disabilities that may affect their ability to take required examinations.)


Physical Agility Requirements

(This document details the physical agility requirements an applicant with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is required to pass.)

03-20-2015Jail Deputy Officer Job Duties

03-20-2015Deputy Sheriff Job Duties

03-20-2015Support Services Duties

10-01-2021Administrative Assistant I Duties


Pay Scale

(Shelby County Sheriffs Office 2022 Pay Scale – Effective October 1, 2022.)